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• Introduction: Hazrat Bilal ibn-Rabah (580-640) A.D also known as the Bilah al-Habashi due to his complexion and colour, was born on 5th march , 580 A.D at Mecca . He belongs to Abyssinia his father name was Rabah and his mother name was Hamamah , he was loyal companion  and very near to Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.

W.W)  and chosen as the first Muezzin (A person who call the azan for prayers) of Islam by Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.

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W) himself . Due to his loyalty  and dignity he was given the job of Secretary of Treasure of Islamic State of Madinah (ISM).          He died on 2nd Mach ,640 A.

D just at the age of 57 .     • Early Life: Hazrat Bilal ibn-Rabah was the black slave his father named Rabah was the slave of Arab tribe “Banu Jamah” on the other hand his mother named Hamama was the one-time queen of  Abysinna who was imprisoned into slavery after the incident of Amul-Fil (The venture  (????)to demolish the Holy Kaba ). Hazrar bilal being born into the slavery he had no freedom of choose except to work for his master “Umayyah ibn – Khalaf” But through his hard work and determination he prove him self a good slave and his master “Umayaah” handed over him with the responsibility  to the keys to the idols of Arabia , But at that time peoples used to classify or judge others by there classes or castes  just because of that peoples of Arabia prevent  Hazrat bilal ibn -Rabah to achive his respectable position in the society of Mecca   • LIFE AFTER ACCEPTING THE ISLAM: Hazrat Bilal before the islam used to worship the idols . One day he heard someone saying that “Accept the Islam it is the religion of peace which support equal rights for everyone” that man was Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.

W) , hazrat bilai after hearing this went to Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and reject idol worship and accept the one way religion Islam and become the one of the earliest converters to Islam . Hazrat Bilal suffered alot and face many hardships after accepting the islam , when his master Umayyah ibn-Khalaf came to know about his acceptance of islam he bounded his and treat him mercilessly  ,he had dragged Hazrat Bilal around the streets of Mecca by tying  a rope into his neck .

He stops his food and even water for many days and daily he                    ( umayaah) said to his peoples that throw him out to the hottest place and put the rocks on his chest and always said to Hazrat Bilal that “You will be there untill you die or refuse Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and start worshiping al-lat and al-uzza (The idols mans used to worship at that time ). Bilal  accept his suffering and deny to reject the Islam and he over and over all the time repeat only one word (Ahad! Ahad!) Which means one God (Allah Almighty)    Image of the character of Hazrat Bilal ibn-Rabah in the movie “The messenger” which show the condition of Hazrat Bilal while he was tourchered by his master .    When Hazrat Mohammad  (S.A.

W.W) about this news that one person was yelling Ahad! In the Mecca than he sent Hazrat Abu Bakar his closest friend and wealthy and status equal to that of Umayyah for investigation when he reached over there he saw one person was being tourchered for amusement that person was Hazrat Bilal.  Hazrat Abu Balar asked Umayyah that “Don’t you have any fear of God (Allah)” he replied that “You are the one who put him in this situation now you take him out of this”  Hazrat Abu Bakar replied him that “Sell me him to me” Umayyah always see his profit so he sold Hazrat Bilal to Hazrat abu-Bakar for humiliating Hazrat bilal he said to Hazrat Abu Abakar  that “I would have sold him to you if you offer me only one ounce of gold” in counter Hazrat Abu Bakar replied  that “I would have bought him if you had asked me for even one hundred ounce of gold”.

Hazrat Abu Bakar at that time in front of ever one freed him and take him for cared and nursed back to health.  After that he became very close to Hazrat Muhammad and start giving the message of peace and accepting Islam to others  with Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.

W.W) .  • ADHAN ( THE MUEZZIN OF ISLAM): Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.

W) choses Hazrat Bilal as the first muezzin of Islam. There are two perspective  1) Sunni view 2) Shia view   1) Sunni view: Sunni tradition belive that Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) personaly tought Bilal how to call the Muslims for prayers.  Some sunni tribes gave Hazrat Muhammad (S.

A.W.W) the suggestion that to blow a trumpet or ring a bell for alerting or calling the Muslims for prayers but Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.

W.W) reject them by saying that I dont wanf to adopt the practice of jews and christ .  One day a man toward Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) named Abdullah ibn -Ziyad and said to Muhammad (S.

A.W.W) that during his sleep he saw some one saying that a man voice should used to call the Muslims for prayers .

 Sunni tribes says that Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) will became happy with that idea and adopt it after that he call Bilal and said that man to call Adhan for Bilal so that he can call it for alerting the Muslims for the prayer time.  2) Shia view: Shia on the other hand don’t accept the story of Abdullah ibn-ziyad that how the call for adhan can came into someone dream. Thay said said that Adhan reviled on Muhammad like Holy Quran reviled on him.  Syed Ali Asgher said “If the prophet teaches Muslims how to perform the prayer, then he could also teach them adhan.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W)  chose Hazrat Bilal because of his voice when he call the Adhan all the peoples leave there work what ever they were doing and make there way toward the Mosque.

    One day  peoples of Madina said that today Bilal will not call for the adhan someone else should call for the adhan on that day sun did not rise   Allah Almighty loves his Voice that much that only one say he did not deliver the Adhan sun did not set.  • LIFE AFTER THE DEATH OF HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W):          After the death of Muhammad (S.A.

W.W) Hazrat Bilal couldn’t feel the same again a day after the death of Muhammad (S.A.W.

W) . One day as usually Hazrat Bilal was calling the morning Adhan while calling he fell down on his knees and start crying with streams of tears and finish the rest of Adhan in low voice after that day bilal leave the Madinah because of memories of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.

W.W) and it became very hard for him to live with those memories but, one day he had a visits to Madinah on the request of Grandson’s of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.

W.W) and agreed to call the adhan and those peoples when heard him start crying and couldn’t  hold there tears .   • DEATH OF HAZRAT BILAL:          Hazrat Bilal was died in Syria between 638 and 642 B.E .

He died when he was 60 years old .His wife named Hind knows about his health and Hazrat Bilal said to her that Tomorrow I will meet the prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W). 

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