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· Relief funds by government and different private agency: As earthquake causes lot of damage relief fund would support recovery and relief efforts in the region. The fund would help survivors’ 5 immediate needs for food, clean water, and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund would support longer-term recovery efforts.· Setting up of camps: Camps should be set up to house all the displaced people with all the basic amenities. There should be dedicated medical camps for the injured with expert team of doctors and nurses.· Management of camps: There should be an efficient management of the camp without any biases towards anybody providing hygienic food, clean water and habitable shelter for everyone.· Roles of NGOs: The roles of NGOs are quite important as government officials cannot handle the situation single handedly. The NGOs should cooperate with the government agency in the relief operation instead of fighting among themselves.· Precaution for epidemic: Precaution should be taken in the medial camp for preventing an outbreak of any epidemic. There should be proper sanitization and disposal of medical waste.· Damage Assessment: There should be a proper damage assessment of the building by experts before going back to live in it. Any damaged electric wiring and gas pipe line should be fixed. Based on the expert report proper repairing of the building should be done.Recovery Recovery is an essential part of earthquake hazard management. It is heavily dependent on what happens during the other phases prior to this. 6 The “recovery” component of emergency management is more complex than the other components and involves a much larger group of stakeholders with sometimes conflicting objectives. 4Recovery is the phase of earthquake management that aims to restore the normalcy of social and economic activity of the affected area. It involves not only repairing buildings damaged during the earthquake, but also rehabilitating the economic and social life of the affected area.6 Recovery involves decisions and actions regarding rebuilding of homes, resuming employment, restoring businesses, and permanently repairing and rebuilding infrastructure. In the recovery phase it is important to balance the more immediate need of returning to normalcy with the long-term goal of reducing future hazard. As the recovery phase has usually high costs and long lasting effect, there are a number of participants which include central government, state government, the business community, the policy makers, community members, and individuals. 6 Each of the groups plays an important role in determining the course of recovery after the earthquake.FEMA’s guidelines for state and local emergency plans, Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101, define recovery as including all of the following:· The development, coordination, and execution of service- and site-restoration plans · individual, private-sector, nongovernmental, and public assistance programs to provide housing and to promote restoration · long-term care and treatment of affected persons · additional measures for social, political, environmental, and economic restoration · evaluation of the incident to identify lessons learned · Development of initiatives to mitigate the effects of future incidents. (FEMA 2009)Mitigating future hazards · For mitigating the future hazards the earthquake zoning of the country should be regularly updated and there should be detail micro zonation. Based on this information the building codes should be updated such that the building build are safer and earthquake resilient.· All the old buildings should be retrofitted to make them earthquake resilient. There should be proper implementation of the building codes in the whole region as the building build without proper code are more at risk.· There should be better coordination between different agencies during the response and recovery phase.· One should buy those insurance which take earthquake into account such that they can claim it for damages due the earthquake.

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