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·         Background information:

Ø  Parallel growth between education and technology in history.

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Ø  Main roles of technology in education (systems)


·         Connecting information (reason for writing):

The importance of technology and its strong connection to education and its growth.


·         Thesis Statement/Scope:


To shine the light more intensively on the fact the education connection to technology and how they both tend to support each other and help in the general of growth of cultures. This essay will be talking about the importance of the technology in the modern primary schools. Furthermore, the significance of the technological enhancements and benefits technology offers for further higher education will be discussed. Lastly, giving an overall look upon the technology effect the social and psychological activity of the students who undergo any kind of education.


§  Topic of main body 1:schools and basic education

·         Counter argument:

Ø  Technology might be a distraction including social media and portable devices.

Ø  Expenses and hard to control environments of children might lead to harder worse vibes of education

·         Refutation:

Ø  The devices required are considered to be a daily life essential for children and parents today, and as the amount of this technology is increasing the easier and less expensive it gets for the schools to be provided (phones, Chromebook or tablets)

Ø  children should learn to integrate them in the best ways in their daily life.

Ø   the technology increases the amount of interest for children to engage with the subjects they are studying using videos games presentations etc.

·         Supporting points:

Ø  “The children now entering school are fully fledged digital natives”( Sophie Curtis 2014) which was considered a controversial point until the primary schools included the uses of laptops and tablets for giving quizzes and scheduled practicing during classes.

Ø  Managing more than one complexity levels became much easier to integrate in one class encouraging students to improve (running head 2007)


§  Topic of main body 2: Higher education and extended studies


·         Counter argument:

Ø  Expenses of the higher education is high for too many people, integrating up-to-date technology will make it more expensive.

Ø  Even if the people wanted to go for enhancing their education they would take any technology for granted regarding to studies and curriculums.

Ø  Most of the modern ways of teaching are under viewed by families and individuals, since it disobeys the traditional ways.

·         Refutation:

Ø  The new higher educational systems mostly offer multiple ways to offer education and like online universities and overseas learning.


Ø  Despite the fact that not all sources of online or modern education should be taken for granted, but the studies show that it is actually more profitable for the individual because the new systems offer a wider knowledge on the progression of the student which makes the individual more aware of future decisions regarding studies.

Ø  It’s becoming more convenient for too many career options to be choosing students who had the technological advantage since they would much more familiar with will be offered.

Ø  Education would be able to reach far parts of the world.

·         Supporting points:

Ø  New technologies are being made hence newer ways of education are being presented in universities such as the joint that was launched on 2013 in Europe to provide wider range of options (Androulla Vassiliou 2014)

Ø  The Europe government is providing better career opportunities to recorded students according to the amount of skill universities are offering to their students (Europe’s higher education institutions, June 2013).


§  Topic of main body 3: social benefits and confidence


·         Counter argument:

Ø  Using the technology would push the students to be less interactive between each other’s.

Ø  The large available competitive of work would push students’ confidence down, which would decrease their productivity.

Ø  It might decrease their experience to the outer world and actual industry.

·         Refutation:

Ø  Connections between the students would be achieved be more easily with modern technology and general progression and actions could be monitored and studied which can help for determining any problems sand creating statistics easily on the longer term.

Ø  Social media offer a huge support to student of various ages allowing to push them for higher friendly competition, creating small societies that allows the clash between older and younger students.

·         Supporting points:

Ø  -Graphs pages 7,8, and 9 from resource 9 –  the confidence and productivity is increased significantly of workers with previous technological skills.(Centre of universal Education 2016)

§  Conclusion:

The educational systems are growing to be better and more affective by the day, the integration of technology into these systems reflects back strongly, which proves the strong connection between them. Furthermore, technology is a demand in every person’s life, hence if we submerged the students into better understanding and usage of the technology in early stages a lot of revolutionary results would be collected on higher levels. Ultimately, nowadays the world industries require a deep understanding of the technologies from students having them well understood in higher education will allow the students to have higher confidence in their general performance and will allow higher employment rates.


§  Predictions/recommendations/suggestions:

Ø  The universities should clear out for the general benefits for the technology they offer so people do not take them for granted without understanding why, and in order for people to be encouraged to apply to them despite the traditions.

Ø  As technology is growing some of it must be crawling towards charities and trying to get education to places where it cannot be provided.

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