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Good morning /
afternoon University of Queensland,

Let me start by saying what a pleasure it is to
be invited to speak with you today.

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My name is Bold Baatar and I lead the Energy
& Minerals product group within Rio Tinto.

As you are perhaps aware, your university and
Rio Tinto share a special relationship that commenced in 2012. We have worked
together to provide exposure for University of Queensland students to our sites
to provide real-world learning opportunities and to also encourage engineering
students to apply for roles with Rio Tinto.

This is a fantastic arrangement and I one that I
hope we can continue

A lot of my speeches focus on results and near-term
events – largely to shareholders, community groups and other mining related stakeholders.
The pleasure in talking with you all today is that we can focus on the future

When I say future, I am talking about the technological
frontier that is:

1.       Redefining
the minerals that consumers are demanding from us; and

2.       Improving
the way we extract these minerals; making it safer and more productive

Redefining the minerals consumers are demanding from us

To provide some insight into how consumer interests
are guiding our business let’s look at a few trends in the market that are driving
demand in our business:

Smart phone penetration in Australia is above other
developed countries at 77 per cent1.
Rates of growth are high in developing countries, yet higher growth and availability
of resources is required to bridge the gap. Examples include China and India
with smartphone ownership statistics of XX and XX per cent respectively. Rio Tinto’s portfolio of minerals is
crucial to assisting to bridge this technology gap through borates (used in glass screens)
produced in our Californian mine, Boron,  and XX from XX.

From smart phones to smart cars, the electrical
car generation has arrived. These vehicles require large intensities of lithium
and copper – far greater than their combustion predecessors –  to assist with power conduction and storage. Our
portfolio is poised to ride this wave through our Jadar project in Serbia and
Oyu Tolgoi operation in my home country, Mongolia.

There are many other examples where our assets
are fuelling growth of the future. We are also using a strategic fund approach
called ‘ventures’ which is focussed on new and emerging commodities

Improving the way we work; making it safer and more productive

In addition to technology reshaping the demand
side of our business, the way in which we supply these metals is also being

About twenty per cent of our haul truck fleet in
Western Australia’s Pilbara is now autonomous2.
This limits our operators interacting with machinery and enables us to operate
our trucks more efficiently for longer.

Additionally, remote operations centres in
Australia are operating mining fleets, haul trains and plants from thousands of
kilometres away. And, to be honest, this is just the start.

Innovation is essential to everything we do


Being innovative in how
we look to the future



Thank you for your time today and I wish you all
the best with your studies.





Sunny state



Improving the way we work; making it safer and more productive



Opportunities at Rio

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