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FinnoLux: The Digital Enablers

We enable organisations to thrive in a digital world through our expertise, solutions and projects.

We work with you to define your strategy to be set for the future.

Unique approach delivering real results by executing strategy through tangible actions.

Our deep understanding of industry value chains and technology delivers real results.

Our Services


By understanding of the needs of regulated industries, as well as the solutions and value brought by RegTech solutions, we enable organisations to transform their regulatory burden into new revenue streams – unlocking the value of data.


In order to get maximum value from the use of technology to solve business challenges, we analyse and align the approach and implementation plan with the needs and environment of our clients integrating technology solutions from niche leaders.


Digital customer engagement enables our clients to align their products and services with the needs of their customers. By delivering a strategy and roadmap to execution, we deliver results in
in the most efficient and least disruptive way.


Working with governments and regulators to define future strategy needed to create economic prosperity, long term growth through embracing technology. Strengthening existing industries, protecting consumers, and creating new verticals.


Throught our client-centric approach, we act as catalyst to facilitate the process of co-creation and the execution of this vision to become the oragnisation you imagine to be.


Trainings and seminars are ways in which we share our knowledge. Popular topics include Engaging your Digital Customers and RegTech, as well as our MasterClass in Digital Finance.


Our team consists of world-class experts who have extensive experience in their respective fields, providing a unique insight into future opportunities during keynote speakers for select events.